My name is James Cooper. I am a nationally published glamour and portrait photographer based in Denver Colorado. I started my journey with photography at a young age photographing mostly sports( Motocross) at local races. This later lead in to shooting weddings and portraits for local aspiring models in my area.

After photographing weddings for several years. I later decided weddings were not for me an started concentrating more on portraiture in high end glamour genre  and creative portraiture. I take great pride in details and lighting the whole image straight from camera. I am a firm believer that an image should look as best as possible from camera before going through post production. After all, which client or model wants their images looking just like everyone trying to make their mark in the industry. 

I am a happily married for 10 years, we have a set of twins that are five years old and a new addition who is only five months old.

Please Contact me for pricing as for it varies on different styles of shoots. Shoots Starting at $300 and Up.