Post Session Process



During your photo shoot and afterwards there are many steps that need to be done to present you with your final edit. All your hard work on working out, eating right, shopping and getting enough rest start to come to fruition.  I am a true believer that you must get everything right in camera and not to rely on Photoshop to be the photographer for me. I like my retouching to look natural and not over processed.  During your shoot we will take several color calibration images and test shots to ensure the best color accuracy for post production. 

Following you shoot you will be presented within 72 hours with a proof book or online viewing gallery to where you can select your images for the editing process. All I ask is you DO NOT post any images to social Media before the final images are available to you. Note: That even if you chose a smaller package with less images to start, you always have the option to purchase more edits a la carte. Depending on the amount of images you will be receiving will determine how long it will take to get your final images available to download. Typically it is about 2-3 weeks from your shoot date. 

Proofing Gallery:

Upon delivery of your online pass plus viewing gallery via email, you will be able to select your favorite images for download. From that time of selection it may take unto 2-3 weeks to finish your edits depending on how many you select. IF pass plus is not an option for your to view your images I can create a Proof book and mail it to you instead of the online gallery, If there are any specific requests on the retouching IE: Removing tattoos please let me know before the process has been started. You will also be able to purchase additional products within the gallery. IE: Prints, Canvases, Cards, Etc.

Final Payment: 

Final payment is due the day of your shoot. your deposit/retainer goes towards your package price. You can pay with either cash, credit card, or send money through paypal.
Note: That if you have not already finalized payment of your shoot, I will not start editing on your images until the final payment has been received. It is important to discuss any payment hiccups prior to the shoot, so everyone is on the same page. After all we all know unexpected things happen in life. I can work out a payment arrangement with you if need be.